New England Synod’s School of Lay Ministry

It’s a Curriculum…and a Community

The New England Synod School of Lay Ministry is an opportunity for spiritual growth, fellowship and learning together. 

It does not prepare persons for rostered ministry in the ELCA. 

The school is organized as a two year commitment of study.  One year focuses on Lutheran theology and confessional heritage, church history, world religions and current ministry issues. The other year studies include the Old and New Testaments, biblical studies,  leadership and the arts of ministry. Each year begins and ends with a mandatory retreat. The time between retreats is spent in geographical study groups.  Each group will view courses from ELCA Select Learning, and videos from ELCA Mosiac and PBS which are related to the curriculum while engaging in reflection and sharing on each topic.  Reading related to each topic is completed in the time between study group sessions.

You can apply to the school through this link: Application – School of Lay Ministry (